Why join us?

Showcase Innovations

The Dudoc showroom is open to the public and displays world-leading innovations from our select partners. Each partner shares the common goal of setting new standards for healthy and energy-efficient communities.

We have represented companies including Priva, Duraflow, and TS&S. The innovations are now implemented in prestigious developments in Vancouver and beyond, including the TELUS Garden complexes, UBC Centre of Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC Student News building and the Nordstrom Pacific Centre flagship store.


We opened in 2014 as a hub for the local community of change makers, builders, architects, designers, academics and more. Our community thrives with ongoing networking events, workshops, well-attended trade missions, conferences and more.

We also welcome carefully selected partners to share our workspace. These partners align with our vision. We know that working together can create the exponential improvements we need in cities. Our international network is growing rapidly too, with top innovative partners from Europe and beyond.

Our services

Business Services

Exploring new markets alone comes with high risk and investment of time and resources. Our team is here to help you explore the local market, and we understand the challenges. Our Business Service Package includes:

  • Local presence and contact information
  • Local market information
  • Online promotion opportunities
  • Use of the workspace

Custom Services

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you connect to the right resources for your specific requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Market research
  • Sales prospecting
  • Supplier or distributor prospecting
  • Support for research on certifications and products
  • Recruitment
  • Support to find adequate grants and funding
  • Classroom/workshop facilities
  • Matchmaking
  • Sales Support
  • Help with RFPs, tenders and other opportunities


Local Package

We offer a special package for all of our local partners. Use the link below to view the PDF.

Local offering package

International Package

We offer a special package for all of our international partners.

International offering package

The North American Market

The Cascadia Region

We are based in Vancouver, Canada, with easy access to British Columbia and Alberta in Western Canada and the American states of Washington and Oregon. This area is home to about 20 million inhabitants, with a construction market that is over four times the size of The Netherlands, and includes the metropolitan areas Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.


The market has strong growth and urbanization with a will to improve community performance, but lags behind Europe in sustainable innovations and practice. Local government policies and regulations are becoming more ambitious as the region looks to lead in sustainable development. This creates many opportunities for innovative European companies with international ambitions.

Sustainable ambitions

The area of West Canada / Northwest America is an excellent location for European companies to develop new business in North America. Sustainability is a high priority in the West Coast region. For example, Greenpeace was founded in Vancouver and the major cities of the West Coast are frontrunners when it comes to sustainability ambitions. Also, the area is more open to new innovations.

Many European business have experienced that it is harder on the East Coast of Canada and America to market new concepts and innovations. Finally, the target area is an important gateway for trade between South (East) Asia and North America. This makes it an excellent springboard to future business in China and neighbouring countries. Contact our team to learn more about bridging the gap between European innovations and the north american market.