Dudoc in Spring – Our doors are open!

Bike racks to inspire, ever-dry chairs, and ice cream
As some of you know – there is a beautiful parklet in front of Dudoc. In the spirit of the Walas Way, it has been evolving over the past year based on how people interact with it and suggestions they have made. For Vancouver’s cycling enthusiasts, we recently installed one of the City’s winning designs from the Bike Rack Design Challenge. Curious which one we picked? Come visit us!

In addition, we placed two wonderful Tulpi chairs in the Parklet. These chairs are designed for the outdoors and will always stay dry. So, in whatever weather you wish to enjoy an ice cream from our dear neighbour Earnest Ice Cream, there are now more seating options for you. What is the next stage? Umbrellas? Come by, look at the new additions, walk through the open doors of Dudoc and give us your recommendations. We are keen to hear your ideas.

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