Culture Crawl Forum

October 24, 2019 | 3:30

About this Event

DUDOC is proud to be a member of the East Van community and we are thrilled to be hosting an important forum for the Eastside Culture Crawl  Displacement Forum. The event spans two days with four separate sessions. More information here.

The forum in conjunction with the art exhibition “Displacement” is addressing issues and challenges facing artist spaces, along with solutions.

It is meant to engage the public, artists, planners, policy makers and politicians around issues and challenges facing the arts community primarily around “space”.  The forum takes place in advance of the exhibit and has been designed and scheduled to begin with a tone of cynicism and end with a tone of hope.  Includes a lively debate coordinated by Turncoats.

Click here to attend the full Forum.

When: Friday October 25 & Saturday 26, 2019
Address: 1489 Frances St