Dutch VR

Let DutchVR be your journey into the potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

With the advance of technology, it is becoming easier to control what future built environments will look like. Virtual and Augmented Reality is the latest addition to digital visualization of buildings and cities, and can give you the opportunity of visiting and experiencing places that are not physically built. It can help builders, architects and clients see the impact of design choices, even before laying a single brick. It provides a useful tool in communicating with clients and engaging stakeholders. The future is now, come experience some of such projects for yourself. Start your journey into Virtual/Augmented Reality with Dutch VR.

Dudoc Vancouver is proud to call The Belgian House our partner.

Founded by Marianne Cauwels and her daughter Ines Van Goethem in 2016, they describe Belgian design as playful, personal and rather extraordinary. As a team, they ensure craftsmanship and quality in all the products they offer.

Belgium is located in the centre of Europe and has had the unique opportunity to absorb the best of European design. The Belgian House was an idea that developed over time. Marianne was always in the know about what was happening in the creative industry in Belgium and met many designers and artists personally. That raised a question. Why are they not out there? Why do I not see these people in other cities? And why, if they are represented in an international city, are they not labeled Belgian?

Marianne contacted all of these designers and artists suggesting they work together. All the designers currently featured, they have known for a long time which is why they can assure customers of the quality, the artist’s dedication to their work and their ethical production runs.

Our first supplier was Que Onda Vos, founded by Hanne De Wyngeart. She knew she wanted to make a difference with her company and discovered her product while travelling through Guatemala. She fell in love with the Guatemalan weaving culture and asked a small family there to work with her. Hanne designs her carpets and send them to Guatemala and then the family is able to edit the designs to show Guatemalan culture. They use 100% wool and natural dyes to make their products. Read more about her here.

In the last year we have been going on to represent Domani, AP collection, Henry Dean, Bulo, DV Design and others.

Our latest addition is DCEMBER bags, a young start up by a mom who was inspired by her children. She designs purses/bags which can be customized to you. You can pick leather or canvas, short strap or long strap, wide flap or thin flap, regular flap or creative flap, … You can find her products here.

Professionals and the public are welcome to come and see some of these innovative Belgian designs at Dudoc Vancouver or online at https://www.thebelgianhouse.ca.


The content of wallets is changing. Coin and paper money are increasingly being replaced by high-tech cards with computer chips and built-in antennas. This increases the ease of use, but also the risks. SECRID wallet drastically decreases the risk. The Cardprotector is the secure heart of a SECRID wallet. With one simple movement, cards slide out of the Cardprotector in overlapping sequence. The innovative Cardprotector protects important cards. The smooth leather jacket of the SECRID wallet envelopes the Cardprotector and offers space for extra cards and coins.

Secrid wallets are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands because it is important to get quality, working conditions and environmental care right. The fact that the wallets are produced on a large scale in the Netherlands is unique.
Secrid Wallet works with specialist manufacturers – such as a modern leather studio housed in a historic warehouse in the heart of Schiedam. In the production process, original materials are combined with modern technologies, ensuring good working conditions and high quality products. The employees of a social enterprise in Leiden assemble the products with great enthusiasm.
The SECRID Cardprotector won a Red Dot Design Award (2010) and the Aluminium Award (2012).

Environmentally responsible

  • SECRID prolongs the life of plastic cards.
  • SECRID products are made of recyclable materials.
  • SECRID products are manufactured in the Netherlands, made in clean factories with good working conditions and short transport distances.

Secrid products Dutch Design is for sale at Dudoc Vancouver.


When Basten Leijh of Bleijh created the first concept of the Sandwichbike there was no way of knowing the road it was going to take. Thanks to the continual enthusiastic online interest in the concept, the Sandwichbike remained on the drawing table, even in the years when other projects demanded Bleijh’s attention. After much hard work, the Sandwichbike can be pre-ordered and last fall the first two bikes were shipped and delivered at Dudoc Vancouver.

Inspired by the concept of flat packing and home assembly, Basten Leijh of Bleijh, together with Pieter Janssen, designed a bike made out of two wooden plates. Apart from the obvious advantages flat packing has for shipment, the use of two wooden plates gives freedom of printing and cutting techniques, making it possible to give each bicycle its own unique identity.

The Sandwichbike is true Dutch innovative design and for sale at Dudoc Vancouver.





Tulpi-design is a Dutch product design company in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. The company was established in April 2011 and is run by designer Marco Manders and his team of creative professionals and interns.

Tulpi-design has a flair for quirky, innovative and playful design for indoor and outdoor environments. Marco Manders achieved international recognition with his Tulpi-seats, which are based on the Dutch national flower, the tulip. Tulpi-seats have been ‘planted’ all over the world and their popularity continues to ‘grow’.

Marco’s visionary designs are genuinely eye catching … not just for their organic shapes, which are constant reminders of nature’s beauty, but primarily because they epitomize the importance of social design.

This designer embraces the cohesion of environment and people, playfully contributing to and enhancing the value, appearance and importance of our surroundings.

Tulpi products are designed to inject fun and colour into our outdoor and indoor environments. The designs confirm Holland’s reputation for producing high quality products. Not only was the shape a major focus point during the product development process, but a lot of thought and research went into its ergonomic features and user comfort.

During Dutch Design Week 2011, an independent jury awarded the Tulpi-seat the coveted Award for Most Original Design and Good Industrial Design (GIO). In 2015, the Tulpi chair was awarded with Golden A’Design Award.

Tulpi-design is currently working on new designs, such as the Tulpi-bin.



Hotsofa transforms a radiator into a comfortable seating area, creating a warm gathering spot beside the window. It’s the only sofa that makes space instead of taking it up!

Hotsofa has become an instant classic thanks to its unique design. Each sofa has its own serial number and the designer’s signature. It is Dutch Design, produced in the Netherlands and now you are able to buy your own unique sofa at Dudoc Vancouver.

As a designer, Co de Smalen is always looking for functional designs that will fill our modern lives with pleasure. And best of all is to discover a meaningful product application that nobody has yet thought of. This was the case with Hotsofa. Many people seeing the sofa for the first time can’t believe that it’s actually a novelty. That’s why Co’s design motto is: “Good things seem to have existed forever”.


Customise to 5 meters
Hotsofa fits over heating elements up to 36 cm in height. The sofa is available in three standard lengths and can be customized to fit spaces up to 5 meters. The sofa is upholstered with Kvadrat fabrics.

Classic Design
The sofa has become an instant classic thanks to its unique design. Each sofa has its own serial number and the designer’s signature. Hotsofa is Dutch Design, produced in the Netherlands.

Modulair design
Hotsofa is available in long sizes and can be fitted facing either direction. Museums, hotels, airports, offices and schools can all benefit from spacesaving seating!

Equally at home in both modern and classic interiors. The sofa can easily be moved, and is the ideal spare seat for unexpected guests. With a seat height of 45 cm, Hotsofa can be pulled right up to the dining table.

Inside out
The sofa enhances the connection to the outdoors while transforming unusable space around radiators into functional and elegant seating.

Saving costs
It can provide a new life to unsightly radiators during building renovations, thus saving costs and contributing to sustainability.

See how it works here:

Bough Bikes was founded by Jan Gunneweg and Piet Brandjes in 2012. Thanks to the advanced computer-controlled milling machine, the company is able to produce wooden bikes in larger quantities while keeping them affordable and consistently high quality.
Jan Gunneweg is a Dutch designer with a love for natural products. “If you design from nature you will always create something that people feel comfortable with.” His design stands out because of the combination of beauty, simplicity and functionality. Jan wants to inspire people and bring them closer to nature through his designs. His greatest passion is wood. “Wood is warm, flexible and solid at the same time. Wood is a live material. Every piece is different. The wooden product becomes more beautiful as the years go by”, says Jan.

Bough Bikes adheres the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).The company only uses sustainable wood, which is an inherently responsibly green product of Mother Earth. In addition, processing wood takes considerably less energy than processing steel. The Bough Bike is made of oak from a sustainable forest in the Jura region of France. These woods are maintained under the principles of the Natura 2000 philosophy. Bough Bike’s ambition is to use as many eco-friendly materials as possible.

Riding a Bough Bike is a unique experience and offers a new perspective on cycling. Bough Bikes believes that we live in a transitional era that demands new solutions and out of the box thinking. Our society is on its way to a beautiful future with more room for sincerity.

Inspired by the beauty of city design, Nov82 Architects has launched the designer brand UrbanFabric. The first products of the brand are laser cut clocks with a choice of the image of Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Vancouver on the face.

Founded by Saynzo Osinga and Laura Ubachs in Rotterdam in 2009, Nov82 explores the boundaries of architectural design. In addition to architecture, interior and landscape design, they are also involved in model building and design – where laser cutting plays an important role.
According to Osinga, “The architectural model plays a major role in the way we work; it’s a great medium to explore spatial design and explain it to clients. Nowadays, quick modeling is possible thanks to modern technologies, among which the laser-cutting machine charms us in particular. That is the reason we decided to buy one.”

The strength of the tool is that it makes it simple to cut complex patterns with a variety of materials, providing the freedom to play with light and shadow, with volume and transparency.
The laser-cutting machine soon attracted other creative people in Rotterdam, who came to them with their own designs. Subsequently Nov82 decided to officially offer a laser-cutting service. To put their service on the map, and to show the various attainable results, the architects designed a number of laser-cut products. In addition to the clocks, they designed lamps that project Rotterdam buildings on the wall.

The clocks were an instant success because, according to Osinga, it gave people a sense of belonging and involvement with their city. “It’s like hanging a beautiful map on the wall, but more special. Looking at the clock, you find yourself exploring the city.”  Requests poured in from other cities. The collection began to grow and now includes more than twenty Dutch and international cities, including Vancouver.

This Dutch design is for sale at Dudoc in three different sizes and featuring three different cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Vancouver.