Fire Resistant Cardboard – A Revolutionary Building Material

Using a technique developed by CellX, one of Dudoc’s newest partners, this ultra-light and stable cardboard is also fire retardant. With this radical new feature, cardboard may excel above many other building materials and we are excited to learn how.

With intelligent narrowcasting concepts, Blast helps your customers, guests, visitors or passers-by to inspire and activate wherever and whenever you want. We have been doing this for years with a lot of passion, fun and a proven track record; In this way, together we provide a solution that is fully in line with your organizational and communication objectives.

The Royal Wijma Company is a responsible, socially-aware and successful producer of African hardwood, a professional business partner with a focus on continuity, sustainability, quality and values. In all respects, Wijma aims to be a reliable link for everyone in the chain from forest to finished product. The Dutch Wijma Group, that has been in the hardwood trade for over 120 years, and were the first forest managers in West Africa to obtain FSC certification on its concessions in 2005.

ONYX Solar takes care of business and project development for Photo-Voltaic-Glass particularly in German speaking countries, but also others. Beside that, we are inventing off-grid applications using PV-Glass as a clean energy resource.

Our partner Onyx Solar Energy in Ávila, Spain is the world-leading manufacturer of transparent photovoltaic (PV) glass for buildings. PV Glass is used as building material plus as an energy-generating device. It is made of two or more panes of heat-treated safety glass, and it provides the same thermal and sound insulation, and natural light as a conventional architectural glass. Thus, it is a substitute of conventional glass on building facades, curtain walls, atriums, canopies and terrace floor, among others.

The company, incorporated back in 2009, has completed more than 150 projects worldwide. It has offices in Spain, United States and China, and an annual production capacity of 490.000 m2. Counting on ISO and UN-EN certifications, as well as IEC and UL product listings, our clients rely on proven quality for all of our products and processes.

Considering all milestones achieved, Onyx Solar has become the most awarded photovoltaic company in the world, with over 40 prizes and mentions.

Natural Greenwalls are environmentally friendly walls of plants, which can be placed indoors and outdoors. Natural Greenwalls create an atmosphere that you like being in – physically and mentally. They last for years and are easy to setup and maintain. Plant walls reduce noise, clean the air of dust, improve air quality by stabilizing humidity levels, stimulate job satisfaction, higher concentration levels, reduce stress, promote creativity etc. The result of being surrounded by greenery is clear. We just feel better!

Farm2Future explores integrated solutions to some of the most pressing challenges modern cities face in food security. We develop new agri-systems for cities that can produce food on smaller and alternative areas, and protect crops with less environmental impact. Our solutions include stand alone, closed systems for food production, integrated pest management and new innovations in bio-materials.

With the advance of technology, it is becoming easier to control what future built environments will look like. Virtual and Augmented Reality is the latest addition to digital visualization of buildings and cities, and can give you the opportunity of visiting and experiencing places that are not physically built. It can help builders, architects and clients see the impact of design choices, even before laying a single brick. It provides a useful tool in communicating with clients and engaging stakeholders. The future is now, come experience some of such projects for yourself. Start your journey into Virtual/Augmented Reality with Dutch VR.

Doepik has over 35 years of experience in the field of heating with renewable energies and 25 years of experience in wood shredding.

With about 4,500 built heating systems as well as 1,000 sold wood chippers, they are among the largest in Germany. Their pioneering products like battery storage systems and absorption refrigeration technology are just a few of the new, efficient and innovative products they provide to their clients and customers.

Our bees are special for something completely different. For their bee air. We use bee hive air for therapy. The air from a hive can make a valuable contribution to the quality of life and many people are unaware that bee air provides relief for hay fever, asthma, depression, stress, migraine and many other disorders. This kind of therapy is still relatively unknown in Canada but in Europe this has been applied for 30 years. Through a bee filter and ventilator you inhale pure beehive air. The bee air is a natural product and is produced when the nectar and pollen are processed by the bees into honey and beeswax. The air contains many volatile substances and various organic acids, substances that have a positive effect on human well-being.

Priva creates a climate for growth. Whether companies want to improve operating results, maximize crop yields or find the ideal living and working environment, the products and services for process optimization allow them to perform at a high level.

Priva leads the way in the development and production of technology for the optimization of environmental conditions and process management. The company develops hardware and software and supply services for process management and climate control in non-residential buildings, in horticulture and in industry.

Priva offers businesses a broad overview of the crucial operating processes, giving them insight and enabling them to retain optimal control of their processes. This facilitates sustainable returns and helps create ecologically sound living and working environments that anticipate the physical and mental needs of people plants and animals, thus increasing well-being all around.

For Priva, everything revolves around people. When you let people use their talents and give them plenty of room for development, it brings out the best in Priva’s people, in the people of the Priva partners, dealers and end users. We link people together in productive ways. The knowledge, experience and energy released in the process is used as input and inspiration for Priva’s shared development. This creates a climate of mutual respect and commitment in which growth and development go hand in hand.


Our select European partners offer top innovations for sustainable buildlings and design.