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Sustainable Bicycles

Bough Bikes was founded by Jan Gunneweg and Piet Brandjes in 2012. Thanks to the advanced computer-controlled milling machine, the company is able to produce wooden bikes in larger quantities while keeping them affordable and consistently high quality.
Jan Gunneweg is a Dutch designer with a love for natural products. “If you design from nature you will always create something that people feel comfortable with.” His design stands out because of the combination of beauty, simplicity and functionality. Jan wants to inspire people and bring them closer to nature through his designs. His greatest passion is wood. “Wood is warm, flexible and solid at the same time. Wood is a live material. Every piece is different. The wooden product becomes more beautiful as the years go by”, says Jan.

Bough Bikes adheres the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).The company only uses sustainable wood, which is an inherently responsibly green product of Mother Earth. In addition, processing wood takes considerably less energy than processing steel. The Bough Bike is made of oak from a sustainable forest in the Jura region of France. These woods are maintained under the principles of the Natura 2000 philosophy. Bough Bike’s ambition is to use as many eco-friendly materials as possible.

Riding a Bough Bike is a unique experience and offers a new perspective on cycling. Bough Bikes believes that we live in a transitional era that demands new solutions and out of the box thinking. Our society is on its way to a beautiful future with more room for sincerity.

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