Innovative Climate Control Systems

In 2017, Dudoc Vancouver welcomed its Dutch partner Duraflow.


Duraflow offers an innovative climate control system for buildings. By applying phase changing materials (PCM) intelligently, Duraflow stabilizes the indoor temperature and greatly reduces the power that is needed for heating and cooling. The energy savings result in reduced CO2-emmissions and decreased maintenance to the climate installation. Duraflow’s installation can be applied to many situations. These include office automation, renovation, and construction of buildings and they are particularly effective in data centres.

Phase Changing Materials

The innovative installation works with PCM. The best-known PCM is water, with well-known phase changing from solid to liquid at 0 degrees Celsius. The exclusive technical PCM-material that Duraflow frequently uses is based on a water/salt solution. They can melt and congeal these solutions at any desired temperature.

PCM-materials can store heat. This heat is transferred from the space to the wrapped PCM-material. The heat is being transferred from the PCM-material to the space as well. It is important that the heat exchange is established in such a way that the PCM-material changes controllably from solid to liquid and from liquid to solid. We created our own PCM-material, packaging and fill process. Our PCM is wrapped in HDPE-plastic panels. To determine the speed of charging and discharging we have created our own mathematical models. These models are subsequently re-measured in the measurement room of Autarkis in cooperation with our German PCM knowledge platform the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft to best suit each situation.


Duraflow is a 100% Dutch company that also works with 100% Dutch partners on systems which are available internationally. Duraflow and our partners are aligned with the most important PCM-knowledge institutes. We offer our products and our services as a complete package. We can install, commission and guarantee a long-lasting operation of our products at your location, under your own management. To realize this, Duraflow works together with partners. Among them are specialists in the field of consulting, installation design, interior design, control engineering, sustainability, energy supply, and outfitting and assembling.

Warranty and the life span

Duraflow conforms to a quality assurance, which is defined as the 10,000 cycles test as determined by the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft. This means that the PCM should function for 90% after 10,000 times of completely transferring from or to the PCM material. By applying more PCM, the 10,000 cycle starts with 110% PCM. Our mathematical models and tests show that with a normal application of PCM in offices, the 10,000 cycles will be reached after approximately 25 years and after approximately 100 years in data centres.

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