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Hotsofa transforms a radiator into a comfortable seating area, creating a warm gathering spot beside the window. It’s the only sofa that makes space instead of taking it up!

Hotsofa has become an instant classic thanks to its unique design. Each sofa has its own serial number and the designer’s signature. It is Dutch Design, produced in the Netherlands and now you are able to buy your own unique sofa at Dudoc Vancouver.

As a designer, Co de Smalen is always looking for functional designs that will fill our modern lives with pleasure. And best of all is to discover a meaningful product application that nobody has yet thought of. This was the case with Hotsofa. Many people seeing the sofa for the first time can’t believe that it’s actually a novelty. That’s why Co’s design motto is: “Good things seem to have existed forever”.


Customise to 5 meters
Hotsofa fits over heating elements up to 36 cm in height. The sofa is available in three standard lengths and can be customized to fit spaces up to 5 meters. The sofa is upholstered with Kvadrat fabrics.

Classic Design
The sofa has become an instant classic thanks to its unique design. Each sofa has its own serial number and the designer’s signature. Hotsofa is Dutch Design, produced in the Netherlands.

Modulair design
Hotsofa is available in long sizes and can be fitted facing either direction. Museums, hotels, airports, offices and schools can all benefit from spacesaving seating!

Equally at home in both modern and classic interiors. The sofa can easily be moved, and is the ideal spare seat for unexpected guests. With a seat height of 45 cm, Hotsofa can be pulled right up to the dining table.

Inside out
The sofa enhances the connection to the outdoors while transforming unusable space around radiators into functional and elegant seating.

Saving costs
It can provide a new life to unsightly radiators during building renovations, thus saving costs and contributing to sustainability.

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