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The content of wallets is changing. Coin and paper money are increasingly being replaced by high-tech cards with computer chips and built-in antennas. This increases the ease of use, but also the risks. SECRID wallet drastically decreases the risk. The Cardprotector is the secure heart of a SECRID wallet. With one simple movement, cards slide out of the Cardprotector in overlapping sequence. The innovative Cardprotector protects important cards. The smooth leather jacket of the SECRID wallet envelopes the Cardprotector and offers space for extra cards and coins.

Secrid wallets are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands because it is important to get quality, working conditions and environmental care right. The fact that the wallets are produced on a large scale in the Netherlands is unique.
Secrid Wallet works with specialist manufacturers – such as a modern leather studio housed in a historic warehouse in the heart of Schiedam. In the production process, original materials are combined with modern technologies, ensuring good working conditions and high quality products. The employees of a social enterprise in Leiden assemble the products with great enthusiasm.
The SECRID Cardprotector won a Red Dot Design Award (2010) and the Aluminium Award (2012).

Environmentally responsible

  • SECRID prolongs the life of plastic cards.
  • SECRID products are made of recyclable materials.
  • SECRID products are manufactured in the Netherlands, made in clean factories with good working conditions and short transport distances.

Secrid products Dutch Design is for sale at Dudoc Vancouver.


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