Sheltersuits for the homeless


Sheltersuit is a Dutch organization: it is a suit created by designer Bas Timmer. The suit is a waterproof and windproof coat which can be transformed into a sleeping bag. You simply zip the sleeping bag onto the coat and your whole body is protected against the elements.

During the day the sleeping bag can be stored in a special backpack. The suits are given to the homeless for free.

Sheltersuit Factory

The Sheltersuit social workplace produces with refugees, jobless people and volunteers to (re-)integrate them into society. A full circle social project. In social terms, this organization embodies what design can do; it inspires, connects and activates people.

It is all about people helping people, as they put it. That’s why Sheltersuit:

  • facilitates education, jobcoaching (re-)integration, food and warmth.
  • invests in jobs for our volunteers within our organisation.
  • gives away large numbers of Sheltersuits to those who need them.

The suit

A small but effective shelter.

We developed the suit as a short-term solution for a big problem. Although it does not solve being homeless, it does prevent people from freezing to death.

We believe every single human live matters and therefore everybody deserves a small shelter when they need one.

Every suit consists of:

  • Big hoody
  • Integrated scarf
  • Lightweight and warm insulation
  • Big pockets
  • Strong cuffs with windbreakers
  • Zippable sleeping-bag
  • Wind- and waterproof, breathable fabric
  • A sleeping-bag which can be transformed into a larger warm blanket
  • The suit has an opening at the bottom in case the user needs to move fast
learn more about sheltersuit at dudoc vancouver

Are you interested in learning more about Sheltersuit, the suit and the factory? Come by Dudoc Vancouver at 1489 Frances Street. The team will happily answer any question you may have and will offer you the opportunity to wear a suit to understand the suit better.

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