Sustainable Neighborhood Transformations

During this workshop the guests showcased different approaches of sustainable neighborhood transformation projects. In an open discussion, the experiences in the Netherlands and Canada were compared with the ambition to get the best out of both worlds and to join forces.

Dutch professor Anke van Hal, Delft University of Technology and Nyenrode Business University, is specialized in the transformation of existing houses and neighborhoods in a sustainable way. She has been an expert on the Dutch Energiesprong program. She lives temporarily in Canada and got inspired by several Canadian projects. In her presentation, she shared her experiences in both countries and highlighted ideas about a successful approach of neighborhoods that resulted from her search in these two countries.

Other guest speakers were Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze of the Pembina Institute and Mr. Wilco van Bemmel, Affordable Housing specialist from World of Walas. They each reacted to professor van Hal’s findings with a short presentation of their experiences and discussed the opportunities to successfully improve the living quality of existing neighborhoods in a sustainable way.

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